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My dog recently started wobbling and falling down He is 14 ...

Resolved Question:

My dog recently started wobbling and falling down He is 14 yrs old and up til now in seemingly good health. He recently started to scratch his ear so I thought maybe he had an inner ear issue but I checked his ears and they seem fine. Today was the first day his hind legs were wobbling and he fell like maybe 10 -15 times. He isn't crying or anything....just looks weak. What can I do? Is this symptomatic of anything? He is a cocker spaniel
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Animal Eyes replied 10 years ago.
There could be a couple of different things that may be going on with him. It is possible that he does have an inner ear infection, you wouldn't necessarily see anything in the ears, so it could still be the cause. It could also be possible that he is having he has some swelling on his spinal cord which could cause the weakness. He won't always feel pain from this. Another possible reason could be a condition commonly called "Old Dog Vestibular Disease". This can affect the way he walks, appetite, can cause nausea. It would be best for him to have him seen as soon as you can. If left untreated for very long it could cause irreversible damage. Here are some links that can give you more information about what may be going on and what can be done to help him. Have him seen soon.
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Animal Eyes's Post: What you sent me sounds like it....especially the middle ear thing. I will take him to be seen tomorrow Thank you. If he has the Old Dog disease there a cure...or does that mean he is starting to lose it? Is he in pain with either of these issues? How would I know if he is in pain. Sorry HE is my first and only dog....and the thought of him getting sick or dying is horrifying to me
Expert:  Animal Eyes replied 10 years ago.
There is treatments that are available that can help him. They don't necessarily cure him. Most likely he isn't feeling any pain. Often when this happens its kind of like no sensation or impulses going to the limbs in question. He doesn't feel anything so he doesn't know where his legs are at to place them properly. With his age it is important for him that you start to be prepared for him to leave. Although it will be difficult for you, there will be some security in knowing that he won't suffer when the time comes. Hopefully this will pass and he will be around for a few more years.