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Cheryl K.
Cheryl K., shelter volunteer
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I have a 2 week old puppy that is extremely ill due to worm ...

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I have a 2 week old puppy that is extremely ill due to worm infestation. She is bloated, very weak, has gurgling of the stomach, and all of the other major syptoms of worms in the advances stages. Due to there being 8 other puppies in the same litter, I did not notice this one being so ill until Friday evening. On Friday around 8pm, I gave her the proper dosage of Evict DS wormer. Since then I have been feeding her milk replacement for puppies and occasionally sugar water in order to give her the most nutrients to keep her alive until the wormer can take effect. It has now been over 36 hours since the first dose of wormer, and she has only had 1 bowel movement, which did not contain any worms. I do not want to see my puppy die. Please tell me what I can do!
You have to try and stimulate a bowel movement so your puppy does not become more constipated. After every feeding you need to take a warm washcloth and rub gently from the belly down to the anal opening and also the anal opening itself as this is how the mother does this as well until they are able to go on their own. Do not give anymore of the wormer and continue to feed her the replacement milk and you can even give small amounts of Pedialyte which is safe to help her to not become dehydrated so you are doing all that you should the main thing you need to concentrate on is the stimulation so she can have a bowel movement. If you are unable to produce a bowel movement do not wait but get her to an emergency veterinarian who can perform a warm soapy enema or do a manual removal to release any inpacted stools and then do take her to see your regular veterinarian as soon as they open tomorrow so start the stimulation now as she should be having at the least one bowel movement for every other feeding and everytime she has a feeding the stimulation need to be performed.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Cheryl K.'s Post: How long should it take for a bowel movement to occur if I am tryng to stimulate one with a warm rag? Also, can I give her a enema myself?
You should be able to see a bowel movement within 15 minutes if not less when you are stimulating but due to the fact that your puppy is constipated this can take longer but the more fluids such as Pedialyte can help, even taking his little legs and very gently move them as if her was walking and this can help to stimulate exercise and a bowel movement. It is honestly not safe to use the enema without direction from your veterinarian who knows all the health history as it does not take much with her being so little but I cannot safely advise you to do so only that they might if you give them a call. I feel your best bet is to try the stimulation and activeness on her and see if this works as if it does not this can be a sign of an inpacted stool and even the warm soap enema may not work either and manual removal of the feces would be needed and if that is the case then this cannot be performed at home and only performed by a veterinarian who has the proper instruments to do this safely, But do try the stimulation and the tips above and see if this helps as that may be all that is needed to see a bowel movement since you have seen one and then once one forms you will know to stimulate after each feeding.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Ok, thank you.
You are so very very welcome and I do hope this works well for you.