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My dog was chewing on a plastic water bottle and when ...

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My dog was chewing on a plastic water bottle and when I realized it, and took it away, the whole mouth piece had been eaten. What should I do?


I think the best thing is to watch your boy very carefully for now. If he starts vomiting or cannot hold food or water it will be time for an Emergency Vet visit and an Xray. This cap may pass through or it can cause a blockage. Do you know for sure if he did swallow the cap? Did he chew it up or did he swallow it whole? I would say induce vomiting , but that may do more harm than good depending on the size of the cap and if it was chewed or not. Right now I would take a wait and see stand. I would also put a call in to your Vet to alert him to the situation. Sometimes the swallowed item can be removed with an Endoscope and not even have to go through any invassive surgery. Joan Jav917

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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Jav917's Post: The pieces I found around the bottle were itty bitty, so it was probably in small pieces, but who knows.. it's a small sized water bottle. There were very few pieces so I know he was able to eat some!! I'm correcting myself, it wasn't the cap, it was the mouth of the bottle. I will watch him very closely.. so watch for vomiting?


Right now I would take a wait and see attitude unless you notice any lethergy, vomiting , or anything out of the ordinary. I would however touch base with your Vet. just incase something does happen. In many cses the tiny pieces can pass through and if the pieces were small, we can hope you will see them in the morning's bowel movement. Joan Jav917