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Cheryl K.
Cheryl K., shelter volunteer
Category: Dog
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Experience:  14+ years of shelter work/ vaccinations/ disease/ illness/ injury/ medical care
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My dog has crusty scabs all over his body and they are ...

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My dog has crusty scabs in small bunches that started were I applied Frontline about 2-3 weeks ago. They started at the shoulder blades and went to the base of his tail. Since I have seen the vet they are spreading all over his body, could it be him reading my stress level cause him to break out like this? The vet gave him cephalexin 750 x2 a day to avoid a secondary infection and he's been on this for 2 days now. Will a bath help or hurt it? I have read that benedryl might also help. Why didn't my vet do blood tests? Should I insist on tests being done? Also last night his gums were really pale. Could that be a side effect of the antibiotic? Or a sign of something else?

Have you used the Frontline in the past without having an side effects and how long after applying it did you start to see the bumps? Do the bumps seem puss filled or is it more dry and scaly? Also has there been any diet changes in the last month? This will allow me to be of better help to you, thank you.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Cheryl K.'s Post: I have used the Frontline before and never had a problem. I just noticed the crust on Saturday 7-21, about 2-3 weeks after applying the Frontline. I have not changed anything about Dakota's routine or food. He was also put on heart worm preventative Heartgard plus. I gave him his second dose of that on Friday 7-20. I did not notice anything like this with his first treatment of Heartgard plus. Hope that helps.
Thank you for that information as it allows me to be of better help to you. If you did not notice these symptoms before using the Frontline and the Heartguard then that does not seem to be the issue. It is more likely that an allergy has developed or that this is in fact a result of infection which is why your veterinarian has started Dakota on the antibiotics. I feel first you should go to your local pet store and obtain an all natural shampoo for allergies as even though the anti-itch shampoo did not work it is possible that you need something all natural if this is allergy related and also it will not hurt at all to bathe Dakota. Also yes do try the Benadryl in a dosage rate of 1mg per pound of body weight every 12 hours to see if this seems to help and it will better help see if this is allergy or infection related. The best dosage is one Benadryl for a small dog or two for a medium to large dog as they come in 25 mg doses. As far as the antibiotics in some cases it takes up to 48 hours to allow it to become fully into the blood stream to where you will see results so some more time is needed but if these tactics do not work then yes bloodwork is needed to make sure there is not an underlying infection that may need another dose of antibiotics or a stronger one. In alot of cases due to the cost of bloodwork they go ahead and prescribe antibiotics in case it is a minor infection that they will fully treat without the extra cost but then if that does not work the next step they resort to is actually doing bloodwork so if the antibiotics and the things I have suggested do not fully treat this it is most likely the route they would take anyway but that is why they did not do this off the bat since minor infections can be common and they while trying to be the best help also try to minimize your cost without putting Dakota in any danger.
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