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Will morphine kill a dog I have 8 15mg blue tabs of ...

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Will morphine kill a dog? I have 8 15mg blue tabs of morphine a friend with cancer gave me. My dog is 13 and I want to be with her not just give her to a stranger tonight to put her to sleep. But I don't want to make her worst. Help please.
An overdose of morphine can cause reactions in a dog that you might find distressing.
You can read about its use here
I'm not sure why you feel your dog needs to be euthanized tonight but most vet clinics will let you stay with the dog during administration of the euthanasia meds and after so you can say good bye.
If you feel you can wait you could see if there is a mobile vet in your area who can come and administer the shot at home where your pet is comfortable.
The euthanasia shot is a specific mix of meds to help the dog first head into sleep, coma, and then death with a minimum of upset or distress for the pet or the owner.
My sympathy on your impending loss.
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Ok I understand. I won't give it to her. It's just more comfortable for me to be with her at home. And her too.
She has osteoarthris in her back. Acutely for 6 weeks. Healthy in every way before completely. She was at the vet yesterday. She had a small nickel size red smooth sore on her inside thigh then. Now her belly is black the size of my hand. Her elbow is bleeding and blood is coming from her stool tool. She hasn't eaten in a day and a half. Refusing.
She's 13 and 67 # XXXXX weeks ago she was 74#.
She's been in accupunture for 2 weeks and on herbals. Also Roboxian and Dex. PRN pain med.
Ah poor girl. Do check your phone book for a mobile vet. Its hard with it being a holiday but you might find an emergency mobile vet who would come.
The bleeding may be why her skin is darkening too - bruising can cause this if there is internal bleeding. It may be some of the meds she is on or the herbs or her disease is causing a bleeding problem.
If she starts seeming out of it you may want to take her to the vet to make her ending easier.
My sympathies - if you have not seen and the rainbow bridge story it may bring you a little comfort.
Thanks for the above accept!