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Why would my dog have dried blood in both ears

Resolved Question:

My dog is a five month old goldendoodle puppy and I found dried blood in both ears.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Cher replied 10 years ago.

Did you find the blood actually IN the ears, like the ears have been bleeding from the inside, or is the blood on the underside of the ear flaps and/or near the area leading to the inside of the ear?

Is your puppy currently on any monthly flea remedy like Advantage, Frontline, etc.?

Is he eating, drinking, eliminating and playing as usual? Is he walking normally?

Do you see him scratching his ears at all?

Thanks for your additional detail.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Cher's Post: Hi,

It does appear that the blood came from in the ear, it is in the grooves leading to the inside of the ear.

She is not currently on any flea medication.

She is acting completely normal.

She has scratched her ears a little. Not an extra noticable amount.

Expert:  Cher replied 10 years ago.
Hi again, and thanks for your additional information.

It's possible that she has ear mites and this is causing her to scratch and causing the bleeding. A symptom of ear mites could also be brownish-black debris resembling coffee grounds. If you don't see this, it might not be ear mites, but something like fleas might also be causing her to scratch and even though you don't see her scratching frequently, she could be causing wounds which are bleeding slightly.

You should start her on a monthly flea preventative like Advantage, Advantix, or Frontline Plus for Puppies, so fleas are not, or will not be a problem. Only use these types of flea treatments, available from your vet, which you can also order online at usually, a reduced price. Don't EVER use flea products sold in supermarkets or pet stores, as they are not effective and have been known to cause severe adverse reactions in pets.

Take her to the vet to have her ears checked out and she'll be placed on antibiotics if there is any infection present, and you can also discuss the possibilities of ear mites and fleas with the vet.

I hope she'll be fine.

If the blood might be coming from inside the ear, she could have ear infections and of course, this possibility should be checked out by the vet ASAP.

For now, take a Q-tip dampened with plain water and gently wipe away the dried blood; see if there are any tiny scratches visible after you clean the area. You can also use diluted hydrogen peroxide to clean the areas after you use the plain water, to guard against bacterial infection on the surface of the skin.
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