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My dog suddendly developed weakness in his right side, ...

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My dog suddendly developed weakness in his right side, first only the front limb but now over a 2 week period it has progressed to the rear limb also. He has been to our vet and to a neurologist that has scheduled and MRI a week from today. He just seems to be progressing quickly all of the sudden. Nothing has shown up on any xrays, and he still eats and drinks and eliminates normally.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
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nobody has answered my question yet

Hi Vicki, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be helping you today.

I had seen your question and had begun to ask my colleagues to put it on our board for discussion. We use this forum here to work as a "House" type team to come up with ideas or recommendations for the clients

Of course, as always, answering over the internet is best guesses and "hail mary" passes... but sometimes we get lucky! if nothing else we try to relieve some concerns and fears.

Can you tell me anymore about this issue than in your first question? how did you notice it? what are the specific symptoms? any story you can offer will help us get a better idea and perhaps come up with some ideas.

let me know - talk soon

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
It came on suddenly. He started toe dragging his front paw on the right side. He had a problem about 6 months ago with his neck that the vet thought might be a sprain because he slipped on our tile floor. So he has been on 200mg Rimadyl everyday since then. No problems until May 26th when this happened. He is only 6 years old, weighs 82lbs, part black lab,chow, shepherd mix. No change in personality or eating habits, or eliminating patterns. He is going to have an MRI on Monday but I was hoping to find something to help him sooner. I found something called FCE that looks close--fibrocartilaginous Emboli. Thanks for all of your help.

Vicki Barker

Hi Vicki,

We all agree that the MRI is important here. It sounds like a nerve or neurological issue.

Thank you for your additional information, it helps.

Rimadyl is like Advil... so you have an anti inflamatory / pain reliever going right now.

House Diagnosis: It sounds like when he slipped on the floor 6 months ago there may have been a more definative issue. He could have slipped a disc or had a hernyated disc. In the later the fluid in between the discs gets pushed out of the capsule (like a jelly donut). In a human this is very painful because our spine is vertical and we are contantly compressing this space. In a dog there may be less pain (don't know for sure, everytime I ask them they don't answer... :)) But if this fluid has compressed other areas including nerves, blood flow...

The condition you describe (Fibrocartilaginous Embolis) is serious and has no injury basis associated with it. Don't want to go there yet.

It is possible that the Rimadyl has helped with the pain/imflamation for this amount of time but the injury has progressed to a new symptom?

MRI is the way to go for sure.

Does he swim? Do you have a pool or lake access?

We wonder if you took him in and held him as he floated/swam what you would see with the asymmetric paralysis? Would it open up the space in his neck and back and could you see improvment? Just more of an experiment then a diagnosis.

Don't get yourself worked up just yet, it could be so simple to fix... Contact me again and let me know what the MRI said. We are all interested in the outcome.


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