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can dogs get sick from drinking rainwater

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I have a doggie daycare and we have had lots of rain over a couple of days. There are areas of the yard that have pooled some rainwater. If the dogs drink this can they get sick. Someone told me that their dog got parvo from drinking rainwater.
Dogs can get sick if they drink water that has a virus washed into it - for example stool from a dog that has parvo carries the virus. They can also get ill with such health issues as coccidia or giardia or leptospirosis if the water contains it.
But the rainwater or open water in a pond or stream itself isn't dangerous only what might be in it is a problem.
If you are running a day care all the dogs should be vaccinated against parvo and leptospirosis for the safety of all the dogs and while its possible the protozoan bacteria such as coccidia and giardia might be brought in by one dog it and spread that could happen from any contact with contaminated feces too.
Hope this helps you!
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
All of the dogs are required to have current vaccinations. So, I guess my question is that if they have current vacs, can they still get the parvo?

Poop is picked up and disposed of, so you're saying it's not the rainwater but the waste that causes problems?
Not normally. There are some breeds more likely to have a vaccine not provide enough immunity such as rotties and dobes. But in general the point of the vaccination is to keep the dogs protected even if exposed.
You might want to look into dealing with the drainage in those areas just to limit how muddy the dogs get and to reduce chances of passing around coccidia or giardia (you'd know by the diarrhea if those or another protozoan or bacterial infection sets in).
Yes its the actual virus or bacteria (lepto is passed in urine) being present that is the problem.