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Puppy has a cherry eye that has gone away and come back HELP

Customer Question

We bought a 9 week old chiweenie puppy this past Saturday and on Monday we woke up to it having what appeared to be a "cherry eye" on her left eye. Within 2 hours it had gone away completely.. The day before we were working outside in our backyard and had her out with us and wondered if allergies could have caused this? We had decided since she is so small to litter box train her and not take her outside very often in case. I took her outside w/ me for a short time last night and she was in the grass. I came home this afternoon and she has the cherry eye again? She also had gotten a case of ringworm from the mom dog, was a patch on left ear and left leg before we brought her home. We were told it was no longer contagious but to use Lotrimin on it. Her left eye is the one that has had cherry eye twice now.. What should we do? We really cannot afford an office call at the vet right now?
Thanks and advice would be great! Bonnie
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 10 years ago.
You can read about cherry eye here
You will likely need to have it corrected surgically.
I would suggest reading about ringworm here as it stays contagious a long time
I would strongly suggest seeing a vet for a well puppy exam as no responsible breeder would have sold you a sick puppy so your vet may find other issues.
If you bought this pup at a pet store you only have 15 days to determine if it is healthy
You can see if will let you finance a vet visit and pay it off slowly.
Hope this helps you!
NancyH and other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Nancy Holmes's Post: Thanks Nancy. I have done a lot of research on Cherry eye already and my question is can allergies cause her eye to swell? IT did this on Monday after she was in our backyard but went away. Then was outside again when it was windy and now has it once more. I guess I wanted to know if Cherry eye can come and go? Make sense. I got the dog from a girl who was a vet tech, rescued the momma dog because she was pregnant and unwanted. Supposedly she had the pup seen for the ringworm and said she did a black test her vet said to do and that under a black light she is showing no signs of being contagious? She did this before we got her and treated her for over a week with fungal cream. The black light sounded new to me??? The area looks better where it was.. My concern is the eye that has the red swollen area is on the same side of the ear that had the ringworm.. So my thought was she may have some other fungal infection possibly affecting possibly spread to her eye? I believe your right she needs to be seen by a professional.. We really love her already and paid $300 to get her.. The girl is having her spayed on May 30th she wasn't big enough to have done before we picked her up so far we have paid her $200 and owe her another $100 after spay and microchip..I felt at ease because she claims she was a vet tech and now is a stay at home mom running her own daycare and is not a breeder but we only had her a few days and boom problems! We contacted her and told her when the eye did this the first time and she pretty much said we would have to take her to a vet. Did not offer a refund.. She said it could be allergies and she emailed me later and said her vet said to give the puppy childrens benedryl and gave me the dose if it came back. But if you could answer the questions above, that would be real helpful, I have not been able to find any site that says it can come and go unless surgically fixed once can reoccur but not correct on it's own.. Make sense?
Expert:  NancyH replied 10 years ago.
Black light is one way to find ringworm locations - it doesn't find all types of ringworm but you would be able to see if its spreading. Problem is ringworm can infect people too and I'm surprised she had the mother dog in an area where she was running a daycare.
While allergies might be a trigger for this the underlying problem is the gland is not held in place right and so surgery will be needed to fix it.
I wonder how she knows what the mix is if she only had the mother?
$100 for a spay seems terribly high to me particularly in a small dog like this but it might be the norm in your area. Chipping varies in costs too. You certainly could call around local vets and ask.
Benadryl can help with allergies at a dose of 1mg per pound of puppy every 8-12 hours. But if a baby puppy is already showing allergy signs that does not give me confidence in future health for the dog.
Hopefully its just cherry eye which is hereditary but treatable and once treated is done with. Could be debris in the eye is triggering the gland to pop.
Yes the gland can expand and go down again when this first starts but usually it ends up expanded all the time and needs to be fixed.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Thanks.. She claims the people who brought her the momma dog said the dad was a pure breed Chihuahua. WHo knows..She does appear to have mostly Chihuahua characteristics, but has the short legs and long body like a dachshund. Supposedly, the momma dog got out of her back yard and caught the ringworm.. As for the spay, your right on cost.. SHe is charging $300 total for dog. coming fixed. microchipped etcc.. puppy pack a lot for a mixed breed, after researching I found out they only go for about $150 and rescues only charge $200 for a mix breed so I am ready to handle the spay on my own and tell her I'm not paying the other $100 after getting a pup in such poor helath not to mention the vet bills we will incur. SHe will take the pup back but my husband refuses to return it to her, like he said who will want her w/ the red thing sticking out of her eye and what would happen to her?? I agree.. She will take pup back but not refund our money either! I also after this am not comfortable giving the pup back to her even overnight to have her take her to be spayed! We just really cannot afford this right now.. We applied for credit care in past and were denied.. I don't know if we can find a vet to do surgery and let us make payments and I believe at 2 pounds surgery would be very risky since she is so small. I guess I need to take her in to be evaluated and go from there.. I really appreciate you responding .. I noticed another person looked at my email and would not answer it, I waited for hours for a response, which seemed odd. Using this site in the past I got immediate response. Thanks again, have a great weekend!
Expert:  NancyH replied 10 years ago.
If you do not qualify for credit care check these sites for financial aid
and look here for possible spay cost help
I know it says cats but many also do dogs.
This one looks like a good choice for helping you in your area.
Sorry I was not online when you replied - I'm on east coast time!
Thanks for the above accept!