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I have a 4 week old puppy who seems to be blind or almost ...

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I have a 4 week old puppy who seems to be blind or almost blind. What could have caused this? The mother is a first time mother, an 8 year old long hair Chihuahua. Is there anything I can do to improve her sight?
Puppies this age are not great at focusing on things that ability will come along as the pup matures a little more.
I would have the vet check the pup's eyes to see if there is any sign of infection, injury, or birth defect causing a vision issue.
Hope this helps you!
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Nancy Holmes's Post: I do not accept. This was no help at all. Please return my deposit and close my account. Thank You.
Your puppy needs to see a vet to see if there is even a problem at all.
I'm sorry you are not pleased with the answer but home care is not going to resolve this for you if the pup has eye damage.
I have no control over the funds on this site so to get a refund you need to [email protected] for customer service help with that. I'd do it for you if I could but I don't have that access.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Nancy Holmes's Post: Hi! I don't want to sound nasty. I'm just so upset. There are 2 other puppies who see perfectly and are running around. I was just wondering if this happens a lot. All the books i have talk about deafness. I never saw anything about blindness. I just was upset because you didn't say what could have been the cause and also, if I could purchase nutritional supplements or something that may reverse this. I'm not happy with my vet. The first puppy in the litter had problems and I rushed her there in her 3rd hour of life. The vet had no idea how to help her but took $120.00 from me to put her to sleep. This was a great hardship for me both mentally and financially. I don't have an income and my husband is on an unpaid medical leave. We are depleteing our very small savings. I don't mean to unload on you and I will pay you if you just tell me. Should thid puppy be put to sleep? Is it cruel to make her live?
I'm sorry you are having a hard time with this litter.
What a shame!
Just for future reference check out for financing vet care (can be used to finance people care too and its only for health care) so it can be paid off slowly.
I didn't realize you had a whole litter as chi's so often have just one.
If the puppy acts oddly and has a high domed skull it may be that her vision is being impacted due to pressure on her brain from a condition called hydrocephalus which is seen in this breed.
This site has some info on it for you to read through
But it might just be a birth defect or an infection causing an issue.
I can tell you a blind puppy can do fine as a pet in the right home where it won't be allowed to run loose unfenced and where it will have an owner who understands how to train it and help it learn how to get around.
Having a puppy with a problem and losing pups is one of the very hardest thing about being a breeder if you love the little dogs (and its sounds like you do).
Can you describe for me a little more about how the eyes look? Is there a discharge? Do they look cloudy or red? Do the pupils look totally dilated or totally contracted?
Was this by any chance a litter of merle pups?
Maybe some more info will help me figure out something you can try.
PS just letting you know I'm signing off for the night - I'll be happy to work with you on this some more in the morning!
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Hi! Sorry I got cut off. I was getting yelled at. Here's the story. I'll try to keep it brief. It's just me and my husband. We don't get along. He's mean. Pain killers. I have no one. I never could have children. Insulin dependent diabetic, 13 months of radiation treatments as a child. My animals have always been my babies. They're the only love I have. They are my whole world. I am not a breeder. This was an accident and total surprise. I had the female since she was 8 weeks old. I also had and older male dog. He was fixed. He was her whole world. When he died, we were heartbroken. I have his ashes. I mourned more than a year. I finally bought another boy, another 8 week old puppy. We hadn't gotten him fixed yet(money), but he wasn't even a year old. Surprise. They mated. I honestly thought she was too old (50 in human years ) and he was too young. Just less than a year. When they mated I thought she couldn't get pregnant. When it was obvious that she was, I wanted to experience it . The mom is 5 pounds.Full Chihuahua. The dad is an 8 pound $800. full bred Maltese. The vet told me Chihuahuas only have 2 puppies. At most, 3. We had 4!!! 3 girls and a boy. No 2 look alike. The first died. The 2nd is almost 3 pounds. now(girl) The 3rd is 2 plus pounds (boy) and the last, the baby is only a pound and a half. She is the one with the problem. She's jet black with jet black eyes. She's absolutely Gorgeous and the sweetest of the 3. Her eyes look perfectly normal except she's got that blank stare. You know, that deer in the headlights look. I know she can't see because you can put your finger right up to her eyes and she doesn't blink. I know I can't give her up or put her to sleep. I love her so much. But when I hold her I get so depressed. She breaks my heart. I want her to see. I just found on the internet a Board Certified Veterinary Opthalmologist in my area. My husband said there's no way we can afford it. "You're Crazy"! I don't mind going without. I just want her tohave a chance to see if she can. That's it. Anything you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance.   Peace, Carol : )
I wish I could tell you that she is likely to see. But if its a cerebral fluid pressure issue or a birth defect etc. the sight may be gone forever.
However the dog does not know that it is handicapped. A blind dog can do just fine with appropriate care. For all the dog knows this is how it always is. The most important sense to a dog is its sense of smell and you can use scent and hearing to help train her if the vision loss is the only issue she has. Here is an example of using her other senses - put jingle bells on your house shoes and she will know where you are. Mark a doorway with vanilla and another one with cinnamon and she will know where she is.
The different rug or flooring textures will also help her know where she is. Check out the blind dog tips site in the above reply.
Just so you know dogs never stop being able to get pregnant and of course you now know that your male is fertile as most are after 6-8 months of age.
For help or perhaps even a free spay or neuter check for info or see if a clinic near you does it for dogs by checking this site (mostly cats but some do both)
You can also check here for financial aid in caring for the dogs