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I read that using Fish Flex as an antiobotic for dogs is ...

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I read that using Fish Flex as an antiobotic for dogs is safe and effective. Is this true? Can it be used to clear up an ear infection?He has been diagnoised by the Vet-and I am giving him ear drops prescribed. Just wanted to know for future reference, as I read this and am interested.
Fish Flex is Cephalexin and that is not commonly used for ear infections.
If you have persistent ear infections in your dog I'd suspect a possible allergy or perhaps a thyroid problem which should be checked out as an underlying cause.
The issue with using fish medications for other pets is iffy due to the consumer not knowing which meds work with which type of infection, not keeping the pet on the antibiotic long enough thus developing antibiotic restant germs and the issue of quality control in manufacturing.
You may have read this site
And if you are asking can it work when used properly the answer is yes it might. You also have to ask yourself what if it doesn't.
I can suggest an ear treatment I've found has worked for my dogs. Its called Zymox. And it took care of a persistent ear infection in several of my dogs over the time I've been using it. You can read about it here
You can also read up on allergies in dogs here
Hope this helps you!
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