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What is the best way to splint a dogs dislocated hip

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Our dog was hit by a car and dislocated his left hip. We took him to the vet asap. The vet relocated the hip and set another appointment for a week. Sometime during this week the hip popped back out. So the next option was surgery. But the vet never reapplied the splint, and the surgery is a week away and now his leg is just hanging there and he is in so much pain.
Once its popped out, despite splinting, its not likely the hip will stay in if replaced, and it will be more painful for the hip to pop in and out and may do more damage.
However I see no reason why the vet did not give you any pain meds for the dog. I would suggest calling up and asking about that possibility to help between now and surgery time.
You can read about dislocated hips here
Splinting a hip dislocation is an optimistic action. You can hope that it will resolve the problem and stabilize it long enough to heal so no surgery will be needed, but often it just doesn't work to hold the hip in due to the damage done in the trauma.
Good luck with the surgery!
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
He does have pain meds, this is the worst that he seems to have been in pain since he got hit. So what is the surgery alternative
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Also what is the best way of splinting. Is there more than one way? I guess I just dont understand why it was left unsplinted after it was determined that surgery was needed?
The splint is only to hold the leg in place with the hip popped back in. The splint does no good with the hip out.
The website listed above explains the purposed of the Ehmer sling and the different repairs done depending on how injured the hip is.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
I know that it will only hold it if the leg is popped back in. But he has a week until the surgery and it is hurting him for the hip to just be hanging there, and not be supported.
You can call the vet and ask about taping the leg up to give it some support.
The thing you don't want happening though is the leg healing in thr wrong position.
Nothing wrong though with calling the vet and telling them how uncomfortable the dog is and asking about support for the leg or any other alternative they can suggest.
He should be staying pretty quiet until the surgery.