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Experience:  20+ years experience in animal health care. Hobby breeder of Olde English Mastiffs and owned by an English Bulldog.
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Why is my senior dog all of a sudden chattering her teeth

Resolved Question:

My senior dog, age 16 1/2, XXXXX XXXXX terrier is having obvious signs of behavior change with her old age. She has been to the vet frquently over the past month due to all of her changes: diarrhea, limping, pacing (always to the right), drinking a lot of water. Numerous tests were taken and her kidney function is ok. The vet suspects that she has a brain tumor which could be the excess drinking and pacing to the right. She just started to chatter her teeth often over the past couple of days. I wonder if this is a sign that she could be in pain. Her teeth chattering has lasted any where from 2 minutes to 5 seconds. Any ideas of why this is happening?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Gina replied 10 years ago.


Dogs chatter their teeth for a few different reasons. Pain can be a reason along with neurological problems, excitement, stomach upset (usually followed by heavy salivation) nervousness and issues with the teeth are the most common. I would talk to your vet about a condition called Vestibular Disease (not really a disease, more like a syndrome). This may actually explain why she is pacing to the right. Its basically an inner ear infection that usually clears up on its own and is pretty common in older dogs. The excess drinking could be that she finds comfort in it or she may have a dental issue, which may explain most of her issues. Talk to your vet about these possibilities :) I wish you and her all the best of luck :)

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