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Gina, Breeder and Health Care Specialist
Category: Dog
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Experience:  20+ years experience in animal health care. Hobby breeder of Olde English Mastiffs and owned by an English Bulldog.
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I can hear my dogs stomach rumbling and she is not ...

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I can hear my dog's stomach rumbling and she is not eating. I see no vomiting or diarrhea. What should I do?

What breed and how old is she?

When and what was the last thing she ate?

Is her tummy distended at all?

Any other symptoms...lethargy, fever over 103, etc?

Is she still drinking?

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Gina's Post: She is a 4 year old Italian Greyhound. She ate hamburger last night (cooked meatloaf that we all ate actually). She is normally a picky eater, put I just put down chicken and rice for her because I noticed her belly growling, and she won't even eat that! Otherwise, she seems to be normal. I've just never seen her NOT eat chicken. I've been cooking her food since that whole dog food recall - so she gets chicken/rice or hamburger/rice more often now. Her belly is not distended and it is not sore. I have not seen her drink much today. She is going to the bathroom normally, though.

Was there onions and/or garlic in the meatloaf? If there was these are toxic to dogs so you will need to give your vet a call to see if they would like to see your girl for supportive treatment. If not, you can give her some plain pepto bismol to help coat her tummy. The published dose for Pepto is 1 - 3 mg/kg DIVIDED over the course of the day. Using the middle of the range, this is the equivalent of about 1 ml/lb, but this should be divded over the course of the day, One teaspoon = 5 ml; 1 table spoon = 15 ml. You can continue to offer her the chicken and rice mixture and you can also give her plain pedialyte to keep her hydrated via dropper if necessary. :)

I hope your girl feels better very soon, but if she shows other symptoms or does not feel better by tomorrow, I would have your vet check her out. :)

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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Thank you very much. I didn't know about the onions and wouldn't have thought about that! I do have an appt tomorrow for a check up anyway, and will do what you suggested until then. Thank you.



You're very welcome and do let me know how you make out with her. :) Thank you so very much for the is greatly appreciated. :)