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Can dogs take methadone for very severe pain

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My dog is almost nineteen years old and I believe that he has had arthritic hips for a while but was getting around ok. I take methadone for severe arthritis and am willing to share so he is not in pain. This afternoon when I took him outside ,he was going to go and run in the field and his right hind leg just gave out and it was too painful for him to even get around slowly. Please help I am on disability and can't afford a huge vet bill.

19 is a remarkable age for a dog! You've done a very good job.

I can understand that you really want to help him live as long as he can pain free, but at this age, offering something like methadone (especially without a vet's guidance and monitoring) may just decrease his respiratory system to the point of stopping it.

There's really no other option than having him evaluated first and then try some of the many pain relief meds meant for dogs suffering arthritis and of advanced age.

There are places that may help you and your companion - here are some options:

Also, call your local Humane Society for options and low cost clinics. If you have a Pet Smart or PetCo in the area, they usually have rescue organizations working through them (not a part of them) and they may be able to provide some help.

I respect that you're asking before just trying something - it's intelligent research like this that's obviously lent to his absolutely incredible longevity!

God bless,

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