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My dog ate a trash bag a couple of days ago and she vomited ...

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My dog ate a trash bag a couple of days ago and she vomited the trash bag up! But she hasn't been eating her dry food or acting like herself eversince!I am affraid she might have a bowel obstruction. If so is there a laxative or something I can do for her before I have to spend alot of money at the vet or should I just take her to the vet?


Is she eating treats or people food and keeping that down?

Is she keeping water down?

Is she defacating (#2)?

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Dr. Gabby's Post: She is drinking water and eating some treats and keeping them down! She is deficating but in smaller amounts than usually. Her appetite hasn't been the same since. She usually eats in the morning and at night, but her breakfast will sit in her bowl all day now and she takes a couple of nibbles out of it every once in a while. She has just been acting very funny ever since she ate the trash bag. I am just very worried and was hoping I could do something from home before I bring her to the vet which can be costly if they have to do ultra sounds or exrays on her. We just have a really tight budget.

It is a very good sign that she is eating and drinking and keeping that down. From my experience, when dogs have a complete obstruction they become very depressed. If they attempt to eat or drink anything it comes right back up. After 48-72 hours of being obstructed they are extremely ill and dehydrated and will not eat anything.

It sounds like she is stable for the moment. As long as things are going in, moving through, and coming out, that is good.

She may just have irritated her gastrointestinal tract by eating that bag. If she does not get back to her normal self in a few days, or gets worse, then she needs to get x rays in case she has foreign body.

So, for the next 2-3 days feed her a bland diet of boiled white rice and either boiled hamburger with no fat or plain chicken as a protein source.

Give her peptobismal at a dose of 1cc per pund of body weight every 8 hours. There are 5cc in 1 teaspoon.

This should have her back to normal in 48 hours. :)


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