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does sleeping in hay cause mange in dogs

Customer Question

i have a small jack russel/beagle mix who is kept is rather cold here so i put fresh hay in her box to keep her warm.a friend of mine told me to remove the hay it will cause this true
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Animal Eyes replied 10 years ago.
Mange is actually caused by mites. There is demodectic mange which most dogs have but their immune systems keep them in check. They get these mites from the mother when nursing and spread over the skin and most don't have problems with this mite once they are adults, they are usually seen on puppies. The sarcoptic mange mite is one that can be transmitted from one dog to another and people but since we aren't a normal host they don't live long on us. They can be on other animals also but are somewhat species specific. It may be possible for your dog to get these mites but another animal would have to be in contact with the hay in his house. Now it is possible for him to be allergic to the hay and often they would show symptoms like hair loss and runny eyes and nose and even ear infections. If she does shown signs of hair loss or sores, have her checked by your vet for a skin scrape to help determine whether it is mites or allergies.