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How do I know if my dog needs a c section when she is ...

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How do I know if my dog needs a c section when she is in labor? What are the signs of in labor?
These sites go over labor and whelping really well
I usually watch for nesting behavior any time after day 57 or so where the mother dog looks for a secure whelping site.
Usually around day 54 I have the vet do an x-ray to see how many pups and to check if any are too big to deliver.
I would see the vet if the water breaks and no pup arrives within an hour, if the dog is pushing hard for 20 minutes with no puppy delivered, or if one or more sacks shows through the vulva with no puppy arriving within 20 minutes.
Its normal for a dog to vomit when hard labor begins.
One of the signs I see commonly in my dogs in early labor stages is panting as if the dog is warm along with frequent requests to go out as the dog feels pressure and thinks it needs to potty. Watch them outdoors so that no pups get delivered out there.
Hope this helps you!
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