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Sally G.
Sally G., Dog Training Consultant
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dog died within 24 hours of becoming sick

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lethargy, not eating and dead in less than 24 hours


I am so sorry to hear about that. You must be feeling awful. Had the dog been to the vet or did it just get sick and die?

What breed was your dog? Please tell me all about precious pet.


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Ozzy was a chow/sheppard mix not yet 5 years old. He was just fine Thursday and Friday I noticed around lunchtime he didn't want to eat and was rather lethargic...just knew he wasn't feeling well but not sure why. Decided to wait to till Saturday morn to take him to the vet if he still acted like he wasn't feeling well. Got up yesterday morn (Sat) and found him dead under my porch away from the large doghouse he shares with my other dog who is as heartbroken and lonely as I feel. My husband found some blood in his final excrements and I found loose stools in the yard which I have saved a sample and sample of the blood too so that I may take it to the vet's office for possible look-at since I'm worried now something may affect my other dog as well. Are you familiar with anything that comes on so fast and kills dogs that are healthy and up to date on all shots? Can pnemonia act so fast with no symptoms? I am at a total loss and completely distraught over this. Thanks for anything you can share with me. The internet hasn't been very helpful with the information I seek.

The only things I am familiar with causing death that quickly is a drink of antifreeze, (used in cars,) and Bloat, (torsion) a twisting of the intestines. If it was Bloat, unless you knew what signs to look for they don't usually stand a chance. I had a Shepard mix and at the age of five the same thing happened. I went off to work and he was fine, three hours later he was gone. (He also hid and died in a spot that he never went in before.) Even if you know what the signs are there is no guarantee that the Vet will be able stop it. They will try to operate to receive the gas and then sew the intestines in hopes that it will not happen again. While they are not 100 % sure what causes Bloat, they do know it is seen in larger deep chested dogs. They think it also think that when the dog eats the bowl should be raised off the ground, and the dog should not do heavy exercise after eating. I think unless your other dog is showing signs of being ill she/he will be okay. I am sending you a sight to read about bloat. If it was that, don't blame yourself, we cannot keep our eye out for this 24/7, it is sudden and unexpected.

I feel awful for what I know first hand what you are going through. IF you want to talk more just hit reply.

here is the sight.


Please keep me informed of how your other dog is doing. I'll be thinking of you.


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
I cannot seem to get to the it spelled correctly please? Would make me feel better to know that it may be something of this nature and not wonder the rest of my life.

Sorry, a hit of the wrong key I'm afraid, When it takes you to the sight on the right hand side I believe there is a column, click about bloat.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Sally, I really appreciate your help. Is there anything else you may know of that is this quick and sudden? Maybe related to cold weather since it has been very cold in the eveings even though they have a well-insulated house to curl up together in?

Other than getting into some type of poison, like mouse poison, or even chewing on a mouse/rat that ingested poison. That might take overnight.

Has the dog gotten loose?

During these cold days I can't help but think someone may have changed (or had a car leak ) their antifreeze in their driveway, it would only take a drop to kill a dog and a vet really could not do much about that either unless brought in immediately.

If your dog was used to being outside in the cold I would not think that a cold day would do more harm than giving her frostbite on the ears.

How is the other dog? Is there something in the article that would make you think it was not bloat?

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Hi Sally. He did not escape the yard and I don't beleive we have any mice in the back yard that I have ever seen. Unfortunately I did not observe him directly (few hours) after I found him "not feeling good" or wanting a snack I had for him. So I cannot tell if any of these symptoms apply. Furthermore, when I found him dead, my husband says he did not seem bloated, so I wonder if it goes down after they die or if they remain enlarged. See I could not have seen some of the most common indications such as pacing or restlessness. I did however just know he was not feeling good and holding his head down a bit, but was sitting up. I do appreicate your help. I will continue to read and see what I can find. He is already buried, so do not want to bring him back to take to the vets for further evaluation. I am just heartbroken and will be forever. I loved him so and he was such a docile, loving good boy. So far my other dog seems fine, I have brought her into the house to observe her constantly since this happened. I pray she remains fine. I can't bear losing another family memeber right now. Thanks again, Sue

The dog would not likely be bloated after he died, that is why an autopsy is done.

You said the dog was sitting up but hanging it's head down and not waning to eat. Can I ask if the dog ate any bones, greenies, or other hard type of treat lately? That could cause a tear in the intestines. I did have a dog that used to eat butcher bones, I have since learned my lesson, and a piece of the bone punctured her intestines, this caused her to die fairly quickly.

I hope my questions are not making you sad, and I hope you are not laying blame on yourself. I know for your piece of mind an answer would be helpful.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
I am blaming myself for not immediately taking him to vet when I was aware he was not feeling well. My husband and I just thought he was feeling bad and if he was still yucky in the morning, we would go to the vet's office. But I went immediatly out at 6:00 and he was gone. If it was bloat, It pains me to know that I should have brought him in, observed him and may have seen more symptoms which would have led me to the vet's office that evening.
Answer to your question: He had a "pig's ear" snack the day before, but I don't know that they could do that. I do appreciate your resonses and do need to go to's way past my bedtime and I have a 2 year old to tend to in the early am. I will make payment for our session in the morning after I read your last response. Thanks again for all your info and your genuine aura of caring.

Yes, a pig ear could have done that. Anything that breaks off into sharp pieces, especially if the dog is an aggressive chewer and swallows even a small piece. The only bones that I now give to my dogs are made by Nylabone. They are hard but do not break off in pieces, one bone can last a month. If you are giving the other dog pig ears, I would consider stopping.

Get some sleep if you can and take care of your 2 year old baby. I work with preschool children and no matter how your day is going they can always make you feel better.

God Bless,


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