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My 4 yr. old Saint Bernard has had 2 urinary tract ...

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My 4 yr. old Saint Bernard has had 2 urinary tract infections since OCT. Latest one required 14 days antibiotic along with him having a boil on his front paw. Very sick over X-mas. I alon with antibiotic am giving him Cranberry pills to change the PH in his urine. But, how much? The vet suggested a diet change to do this, but economics calls for something else for now. Can you suggest an appropriate amount of Cranberry dosage?

how much does he weigh?

what antibiotics has he taken?

what were his symptoms?

is he neutered?


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
He weighs 150lbs.
Has taken 1500mg. Cephelaxin 2x daily
symptoms were frequent urination, alot @ a time,sometimes just several squirts. Drinking alot of water.
He is Neutered.
Also had a low grade fever when we had him to the Vet.
My concern is the expensive food, and also are
His organs shutting down for a reason. He is currently on Pro-plan giant Breed food,which he seems to lately not be eating much of. Still taking in water tho.

why do you think his organs are shutting down?

Do you have any lab values you can post as to his BUN, Creatnine, CBC, HGT, PCV, ALT?


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
-O- Labs have been done. He has had 2 UTI s and it is a concern. For as much water as he is drinking, his output should be more. Tho a Big Dog, he will drink more, yet, he's listless and
after just coming off antibiotic he should be peppier. Maybe, I,m just concerned about his overall health in general.

Dear friend,

That is a relief that you have not been told or any organ deterioration. If he has continued UTI's he may have crystals in his bladder that are causing this. The abscess he had may have caused a systemic infection. Your vet may have to try a different antibiotic or a combination of two in the broad specturm family like Cavamox, Clidimycin, Batryl and the cephlexin he is already on. Open one cranberry capsule and sprinkle half on his foo twice daily - every 12 hours. Add unflavored pedialyte to his water 50/50 tombalance is electrolytes. He should be encouraged to drink but the output is not as important as the ease of flow or if hes any difficulty passing his urine or blood when he goes.If he does not have any such symptoms that cranberry will lower the PH of his urine and make his bladder inhospitable to UTI bacteria. Since he has had prior infections he should take the cranberry every day for life. Here is info:

Please let me know if you want to discuss this further and if you would like more links. I wil be happy to help.

Very sincerely,


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