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Patricia, Pet Consultant
Category: Dog
Satisfied Customers: 1759
Experience:  Several yrs. exp. with all types of pets, specializing in parrot care and behavior.
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Why does my dog whine when I squeak a squeaky toy

Customer Question

Whenever I squeak a plastivc squeaky toy my dog cries. She rips them apart until they can no longer squeak. Is it hurting her ears? She is a cock-a-poo
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Patricia replied 10 years ago.
Hello. No, I doubt that a squeak toy of any kind is in a range that would hurt her ears. I am quite sure the only reason she is whining is, it's her toy and you have it, and she wants it. The fact that she tears the squeaker out right away has nothing to do with her breed or her ears. Most dogs will do that with a squeaky toy. You do need to stay very alert so long as the squeaker is still there and she is working at it to make sure she doesn't choke on it. That happens more often than you might think. As soon as you see her pull it out, get it away from her and put it in the trash. Other than that, she is just excited that you have her toy and that you are playing with her. I hope this eases your mind but if you have more questions, just let us know. Patricia