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Ariana Luchsinger
Ariana Luchsinger, SPCA Certified Trainer & Counselor
Category: Dog
Satisfied Customers: 2
Experience:  SPCA Certification in Dog Training & Counseling, 3+ Years as Care Attendant in Dog Daycare
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Where do fleas breed or nest My dog is getting ...

Customer Question

Where do fleas breed or nest? My dog is getting continually reinfected and I do everything - wash him regular, wash his bedding, advantix - the works? Very frustrating ...
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Ariana Luchsinger replied 10 years ago.
Dear Lee,

You are doing everything right! The problem is, fleas are so persistent because they get into every crack and crevice in your home. If you don't mind using chemicals, use a home "fogger" while you and your dog are out at the groomers for a flea dip. Wash his bedding during this time, as well as your own. Make sure to read the full instructions BEFORE administering in your home. If he's due for his monthly flea treatment, after his dip would be the perfect time.
However, if you'd prefer not to do the fogger, clean every fabric in your home that may harbor fleas & flea eggs. Do a deep cleaning of your floors, especially in the cracks & corners. If you're vaccuming, be sure you change the bag afterwards - the eggs can hatch inside and re-infest your home. There are also natural flea sprays you can use on upholstery, etc. Wash your Westie with shampoo made to kill both fleas & eggs. Then comb with a flea comb - especially in the few days.
I hope this information was helpful to you!
~ Good Luck, Ariana @ DogPhilosophy