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how will i know when my american bulldog is in labour and ...

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how will i know when my american bulldog is in labour and if shes having difficulty? she is due round now and isnt eating or acting normal
Dogs are pregnant for about 58-65 days, or about 9 weeks counting from the first mating.
I would have been good if you did an x-ray to find out if any pups are too large for her to deliver at about day 54 from breeding.
These sites go over the whelping process in pictures
If you have seen her water break you should have a puppy within an hour of that happening. If not see the vet.
If you see her straining hard with no puppy delivered after 20-30 minutes of hard labor then see the vet.
Often dogs do not eat the day they whelp. Some vomit when hard labor starts. You may see nesting behavior where she rearranges all the bedding until she is happy with it. You may see panting as if she is hot while she is in early labor.
Other things to watch for would be two sacs showing at the same time meaning two pups may be stuck in the birth canal instead of coming one at a time.
Watch her color on the mucus membranes in her mouth and if she looks pale, white, or blue be concerned and get her to the vet.
If you see bleeding or a black or dark green discharge before the first puppy is born get her to a vet. (Thats normal after the first puppy.)
Hope this helps you!
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Nancy Holmes's Post: how do i know if her waters have broke and i havent seen it happen
You would be apt to see her licking herself a lot, possibly a stain on the floor, and you may see some stringy mucus hanging when the water breaks.
You can read here about checking her temperature to see if she is ready to whelp
But your description of her not eating and acting off makes me think labor has begun. Prelabor can last for several hours.