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tnchan, Veterinarian
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My dogs eyes are red and droopy and he appears to be

Customer Question

My dog's eyes are red and droopy and he appears to be squinting. Last night they seemed a bit cloudy, but his demeanor is as upbeat as ever and he appears to be seeing ok despite this. I have an appointment with the vet tomorrow morning. Any ideas as to what might be wrong?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  tnchan replied 10 years ago.
If it were only one eye, I would suspect a foreign object could have touched the eye, or might be caught in the eye or eyelid. This is still possible, although if both eyes are affected, it could be the beginning of an eye infection, or some allergen that have started to irritate his eyes.

If it looks allergy related, it would be helpful to your vet to consider if there has been a change in environment or food recently. Although pets can sometimes develop allergies to things that they have been around for many years.

Your DVM will probably put drops into the eye to look for a foreign object or look for other signs of allergies. (S)he will probably send you home with topical medication as well to treat the symptoms and possibly oral medications if (s)he feels there is an infection involved.