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My dog is 69 days pregnant (I am sure about these dates) ...

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My dog is 69 days pregnant (I am sure about these dates) how long can she stay pregnant before I should get concerned?
Hi Madley,

What date did she mate? I'm sure you know as you state you are sure about the date.

If you lay your dog on her side and put your hand between her rib cage and hindquarters above the breast area, can you feel puppies moving around?

Have you been taking your dog's temperatures?

Has she had any diarrhea?
Any whitish discharge from her vulva?
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Relist: I still need help.
I took her to the vet today and she is very overdue, the babies are OK, She was Mated on Sept. 20th ( I am positive about the dates) We rescued her on the 23 when the owners decided they had made a mistake in mating her and were going to have her put to sleep. The vet wants to do a C-section in a couple of days if she doesn't go into labor, I don't want to do that to her, is there anyway to help her induce the labor, is there something we could do at home to help her along??
Thank you so much, Melanie
Hi Madley,

No. There is nothing you can do to help her go into labor. I do daily walks with my pregnant females to ensure they are in good shape for when labor does start and if she's in the beginning stages of labor it seems to help. Some dogs will not want to push with the contractions as to them, it feels like they are going to have an accident in the house which is a "no no". Your vet however can induce labor and not do a c-section. The problem is that even with the the shot, it may be necessary to do the c-section anyway.

While it seems way overdue to you, I have a female that is always a week late going into labor and I'm positive about when my dogs mate. As sperm can live for several days inside of a female, it's possible that the female ovulated after the mating and concieved then. Your vet probably wants to give your dog the benefit of the doubt and let her go a whole week over before subjecting her and you to a c-section.

You can call your vet and ask about inducing labor before doing a c-section.
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