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Tammy, Consultant
Category: Dog
Satisfied Customers: 274
Experience:  Owner of dogs for 50 years, Basic training for a good household pet
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why does my dog pull out her hair and eat it

Customer Question

she just started pulling out hair and eating it
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Tammy replied 10 years ago.

Hello Misty Anna,

Thank you for sending your question to Just Answer!

There are several reasons dog's pull out their hair and eat it. First of which, is a behavioral problem; second your dog is suffering from a type of skin irritation. This includes fleas, dermititis, and/or allergies.

The first issue you want to deal with is Flea Control. You may already have your dog on a good program, but just in case I would suggest that you use a very good product such as Advantage Plus and apply every 28 days to be sure your dog is truly flea free. I prefer Advantage as it not only kills the adult fleas, but the eggs as well. If you are using another flea control, and you don't see fleas on your dog, this does not necessarily mean he is truly flea free. One flea can send some dog's into a scratching, pulling hair out and other chewing. You also want to have your dog on a good worming program as well.

If you are dealing with a behavior problem, it is usually due to anxiety or boredom. There are several remedies for dogs such as this.

Lastly, you may be dealing with allergies; either food or environmental.

I would suggest having your vet check your dog as soon as possible to determine the cause and provide you with the correct diagnosis and treatment. Good luck to you and your "pal".

I hope this helps. If you need further information, please feel free to contact me.

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