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my new born puppy which is a pomeranian is spitting up its ...

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my new born puppy which is a pomeranian is spitting up its moms milk. is there anything i can do? It is going thru the nose and the mouth. And he is 4ounces
It sounds to me like he may have a cleft palate. The milk can come out through the nose when this problem is there.
You can look at the roof of the mouth to see if you can see any opening there.
While this can be repaired when the pup is older it is costly and you may have to tube feed the puppy instead of it nursing. There is danger that the puppy may breath in some milk and get aspiration pneumonia which can be fatal.
You can read about this problem here
Sometimes pups can have bad worm infections which can make them spit up when the worms thrash as the puppy nurses and food flows to the stomach.
I would suggest a vet exam for the puppy (bring mom along too).
It may be this pup will not make it to grow up. A percentage of puppies born do not. Its one of the hardest things about being a breeder.
Hope this helps you!
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
We took him to the vet yesterday. They said he looks just fine. And that his pallet is good to. But the vet is gone for the weekend. So should we try to hand feed it or just keep trying the mom? He sounds like he is conjested and he is only two days old.
I'd keep trying with mom and if he keeps losing milk through the nose then I'd milk mom and see if he does better if you give him warm milk from a bottle.
Its possible he is over eating if he is a singleton pup. If they get too full the stomach valve can allow reflux of the milk back up into the throat which would make him spit up.
If you need an emergency vet you may want to check this site
or call your vet office to see if they give info on emergency contact.
Key is trying to keep the pup from inhaling any milk.
You can clean the nose area with some sterile saline such as childrens nasal spray or the saline contact lens wearers use on a q-tip to clean the nose area.
NancyH and other Dog Specialists are ready to help you