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Terri Riba
Terri Riba, Healthcare Expert
Category: Dog
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Experience:  Expert in canine health and behavior. 20 years of experience with dogs
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When my dog burps, it smells like feces. What is wrong?

Customer Question

I purchased my dog a Nylabone4 days ago. It was one designed to help clean her teeth. She literally ate half the bone in less than an hour. Today, she started burping, and it smelled like feces. Shortly after the first burp, she vomited, and it also smelled like feces. Is it possible that she may have a bowel obstruction? For now, she seems ok. She has been eating, drinking and playing normally. She has not thrown up again, since yesterday. I have checked her stools, and she appears to be passing chunks of the nylabone without difficulty. I know that she ate a lot of it (about 1/2 of the bone), so I will continue to watch her for any symptoms of a bowl obstruction, or signs of distress. I read that nylabone does not show up on x-rays... So I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens. 
Unless you have any suggestions.


Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Terri Riba replied 10 years ago.

The feces smell can indicate a blockage in her intestine or an infection. Give her first some canned pumpkin ( not pie filling) help pass this.

I would suggest you feed her very spongy food like bread, cottage cheese, mashed potato, to help push these fibers through. Also give her a teaspoon of metimucil, fiber con or some bran cereal. That will make a cocoon around the pieces and protect her GI tract from any rough edges. It can take up to 36 hours for all of it to pass but you can speed things up by employing these methods.

Please let me know how she is doing and if you have more questions. I am happy to help.