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Sakura & Kyo
Sakura & Kyo, Veterinary Assistant
Category: Dog
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Experience:  7+ years of veterinary technician experience. Also enrolled Penn Foster College since 2005
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how to provide physical therapy for a puppys broken leg

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my puppy recently( 2 days ago ) had a cast & then bandage removed from his rt. hind leg.He wore the cast & Bandage for a total of 81/2 wks.& he was only 4 months old when he suffered the " tree branch " break in his femur. We are considering home care for his physical therapy. What do you reccommend, and should we reconsider ? he limps around and shy's away from putting any weight on the leg * which i assume is normal. Can you help ? thank you, XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX   Miniature schnauser owner :)

One thing you have to always remeber when it comes to orthopedics is patience and that it takes time, physcial therapy is great and needs to be done, but you want to do it gradually, for example today let him walk on it for about 10-15 mins then let him rest. Then each day gradually increase the time.

Also if you are not going to be with him all day everyday, then you should reconsider doing this at home. A therapist would be a better option, and they will do a different type of therapy. Alot are now doing hydrotherapy.

The limping is normal, but over time he will start putting weight on that leg.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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