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how can i fatten up my dog, quickly with out making him sick

Customer Question

i just rescued a irish setter from the animal shelter. he is very very skinny, his ribs show. i am worried. when we first brought him home, he ate like a horse. but now, he doesn't eat his dog food so much. he will however try and eat ours. what can i give him to fatten him up and keep him from wanteing our food.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 10 years ago.
I would check him again for intestinal parasites as some such as whipworms can keep a dog from eating much.
You really do not want him to get fat fast as this could impact his health negatively. What you want is for him to build proper muscle and that takes time and good nutrition.
I find a really good quality food does a lot for keeping a dog interested in eating it.
If he does OK with corn in his food then a high calorie diet such as Bil Jac might help him eat more.
Innova is another good high calorie food.
Canidae is another good one that many dogs do well on.
Pet supply stores carry this sort of food.
You could also choose to mix scraps in his meal to get him interested in eating it. As long as you are not using mostly fatty foods to do this that could be OK. Canned food can serve the same purpose. A couple of spoons of a good canned food mixed into the dry food to make it more appetizing can help interest him in eating it.
If you do give him scraps always put them in his food bowl. This will help keep him from begging.
Hope this helps you!