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After Parvo Treatment

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I have a 3 mth old Rott pup that was released from the hospital yesterday after undergoing treatment for Parvo for 8 days. She lost a lot of weight, is extremely weak and listless. Needless to say I am very concerned. I administer 250 mg. Metronidazole and 200 mg. Cimetidine twice daily with A/D Diet food. What else can I do to help her pull through? What are her chances of recovering? Is there something else that may be wrong?

Typically we do not release Parvo pups until they are bright, alert, eating on their own without vomiting and have a loose stool that is firming up.

Parvo is a devastating disease that affects the immune system, heart valves and the intestinal tract .

Your pup is extremely fortunate to have "made it" against Parvo....only a 50 % survival rate can be expected with even aggressive treatment and hospitalization.

Did she get discharged early due to limited finances??? IF not, than I would presume your doctor thought she was stable enough to come home.

Her body basically tore itself down and used her own fat and muscle stores for energy while she was fighting the virus. It can be expected that it can take a few weeks for her to regain her strength and verve after such a close encounter with death!!

I would schedule an immediate recheck with your vet if you are not convinced she is ok. If she is dehydrated, her skin over her shoulders will not fall back quickly and easily when you pinch a big roll of it and pull it up from her body...and her gums will seem dry and sticky.

She is on the metronidazole as an intestinal antibiotic. In a small pup, they can actually get sick because of the metronidazole if they are on it for longer than 5 days or at very high doses. You may want to check with your vet on that!!

The cimetidine is to help decrease her stomach acids and thus decrease nausea.

A/D is a very palatable, high calorie, nutrient dense formula of canned food that will allow your pet to receive alot of nourishment from just a small amount.

If she is eating, drinking, and vomiting has resolved,you likely just need to give her more time to recover!!! If she will not eat, is truly depressed, has any residual vomiting, she will need to be rechecked.

I would be checking her rectal temp!! She should be b/w 100-102.8' if she is almost back to normal! Too high or too low is a definite sign of trouble!!

She may also still be recovering from other parasites she may have in addition to the parvo....were worms diagnosed too?? Was she dewormed once she could eat???

It sounds like you need to voice these concerns to your vet or a vet tech at the hospital she was discharged from asap!! Let me know what happens with her!!

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I appreciate your trust and confidence in my professional experience and knowledge!

Best wishes, Dr. Smith

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