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How often can you give a dog an enema I went to my vet ...

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How often can you give a dog an enema? I went to my vet last night because my dog is having problems having a bowel movement and they gave her a warm water enema. She has not gone to the bathroom since coming home and only went 1 time when they gave her the enema. What is the correct way to administer this and how much should we use?
If it has been less than 24 hours since your dog had an enema, there is probably nothing in the GI tract for her to need to go again. I would add some canned pumpkin to her diet (not pumpkin pie filling) - if she isn't getting canned food, I would start adding that to her diet as well, as the constipation is caused from lack of moisture in the bowel. Just a few spoonsful each day should be enough. You definitely do not want to give enemas as a matter of course. They should be used only when all else has failed. It's better to use a supplement like pumpkin or in a true pinch, mineral oil will almost always guarantee a bowel movement within 4 hours of administering. If your vet feels enemas are what your girl needs, he needs to give you hands on instructions on how much liquid and how often to perform the enema.
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to LoriW's Post: Thanks for the response. My vet also sent me home with Lactulose to put on her food for 2 weeks, so I guess I will just wait to see what happens.

I was still concerned because she has only had 1 bowel movement since the vet gave her an enema yesterday...and they did an xray on her abdomen and she was pretty packed, I just thought it would have made her go more than once. Usually she has a bowel movement about 3 times a day and I've been lucky to get her to go once since Monday of this week....she has been crying each time she tries to go, but the vet said there was no blockage.
Definitely not time to worry yet. Enemas keep the bowel from emptying naturally, and it can actually become 'paralyzed' so to speak, so keeping them to a minimum is the best thing for your dog. If she has eaten today and doesn't go tomorrow, call your vet for further instructions. He may tell you not to be concerned for a few days.
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