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My puppys pupils are dilated and not changing. She

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My puppy's pupils are dilated and not changing. She seems as though she is dizzy ( her head moves in small circles.) She is sleeping alot and seems warm and her breathing seems rapid and deep. She is still eating and drinking regularly. She does have soft stools, not runny diarrhea, but soft, and is urinating fine. Any ideas???
What kind of puppy is this and how old is she?
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Nancy Holmes's Post: She is an Australian Shepherd who was born on July 1st. We have had her approximately 4 weeks.
This breed can have hereditary eye issues so that is a concern. You can read about some of them here
With the dilated pupils another concern would be possible ingestion of a toxin including a toxic plant which might go along with the soft stools.
Also a problem with the pressure in the eye leading to glaucoma could cause this.
And with the dizziness it could be she has an inner ear issue impacting the nerves that control the eyes.
I would plan on seeing a vet with her for a check up as the best method of finding out what is going on with her eyes.
If this just happened I'd be really tempted to see an emergency vet, or if there is a clinic open in your area tomorrow then there, with her this weekend.
Eyes are pretty delicate and treating them sooner rather than later is a better choice.
Hope this helps you!
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Nancy Holmes's Post: This did seem to happen all of the sudden today. It took us awhile to pinpoint that she is dizzy, as she isn't falling. I live in a very small town, even the larger town next to me (Joplin, MO) does not have a pet hospital that I know of. Any suggestions of how I can make her more comfortable until I can get her in on Monday?
I would suggest keeping her quiet and leash walking her as if she has vision impairment she will need that guidance.
Just in case this clinic says it refers to emergency servies
And this site lets you put in your zip to find nearby emergency vet services
You can see if she can follow your finger with her eyes or flick a flashlight across the eyes to see if the irises contract.
You can check in her ears to see if any infection shows.
You can see if rinsing her eyes with sterile saline like contact lens wearers use helps.
But pupil dilation usually isn't anything you can fix without vet help.
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