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dog: started eating fine, and drinking..drinking fine

Resolved Question:

my dog has recently started drooling alot, which is not normal for her. She seems to be eating fine, and drinking fine, but there is excessive drool. Is there something I should look for, or take her to the vet?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Theresa replied 10 years ago.

How old is your dog?

Does she eat dry or canned food?

Does she seem to struggle at all with the food lately even if she does eat it?

Have you looked inside her mouth? is there an odor, a lot of build up on the back teeth, and bleeding, swelling, or ulcers that you can tell?

Thank you


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Theresa's Post: my dog is 2 1/2 years old
she eats dry food
there is no struggle when she eats
i do ot smell an odor or any build up or ulcers from what she will let me see.
she is a german sheperd/chow mix(if that helps)
her mouth seem normal
Expert:  Theresa replied 10 years ago.

There are two issues that can occur in this age dog that would increase drooling. A fractured tooth. This can occur when a dog chews on hard objects like bones, ice, and even some toys. A slab fracture can occur where the side of the tooth literally shears off. Many times this isn't noticeable to the naked eye. Another common condition is an inflammation or infection of the salivary gland which can cause an increase in drooling. If the drooling doesn't decrease or you notice other symptoms like not eating or swelling around the snout then I would have her examined by your veterinarian. Without other symptoms present at this time I wouldn't be overly concerned.

Thank you


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