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Whay is typical for sire fee. The beeder wants the first ...

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Whay is typical for sire fee. The beeder wants the first male & female pick (2dogs). Is this normal? Seems like a lot.
It depends, owners of stud dogs can ask what they want for a stud fee and you have to decide if that is what you will agree to pay if the litter happens.
What would happen if there were only two puppies? what if there were no males? when will the pick be done?
You may be able to negotiate to first and third pick so you get a pick.
You may be able to pay the owner of the sire a fee instead of handing over pups.
In many cases the fee is the price of one puppy or one puppy back and that guarantees a live litter of more than one puppy or a repeat breeding for free is done.
Whatever you agree to get it in writing signed by both of you because a verbal stud agreement is like having no agreement at all when time comes and someone is suing for lack of living up to the agreement.
Hope this helps you!
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Nancy Holmes's Post: so is 2 pups for a champion level working dog normal? Is one pup more the norm. I always thought it was one. Is 2 unussual? Thanks
If the dog is a champion, working level, AND has all the health testing done that should be done then two might be what they charge if he is in demand as a stud.
I've heard of people requiring half the litter but they don't take first pick of both sexes. usually they get first, third, fifth etc. I think that is very unfair if you are breeding to get a working or show dog for yourself.
Personally I would not agree to that as I always plan breedings because I want to keep a puppy myself. You might agree to pick male and second pick female for example or vice versa but whatever you agree to get it in writing and before they get their pups or at the time they choose their pups you get the litter registration papers signed by them.
You may want approval on who the pups are sold to if they are not planning on keeping them too.
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