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My dog sounds like she has a hair ball stuck in her throat,

Resolved Question:

My Golden Retriever sounds like she has a hair ball stuck in her throat, shes been gagging for the last few days and we're not sure what to do, we've given her mineral oil and had her drink plenty of water, shes still eating normally and playing like normal, but she just keeps gagging! what do we do?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
It sounds like your dog might have either kennel cough
or canine influenza
You can see if some Robitussin DM will help the dog breathe better and control the cough. Read here about cautions and dose info
If you see a colored discharge from nose or eyes, if your dog coughs stuff up, seems lethargic, or goes off eating, see your vet as your pet may have a secondary bacterial infection that will need antibiotics. If you see any real trouble with breathing also see your vet as other meds may be needed to keep the airways open.
Hope this helps you!
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Nancy Holmes's Post: She doesnt have any discharge,from her eyes,or nose, or ears. She is eating normally, playing,running,and drinking lots of water, like always. She has had hair balls before, as she constantly licks herself. We've had to put the bitter spray on her before, as we took her to the vet, becuase she had the same symptons. We just want to make sure that she is not in any danger. We've given her mineral oil and petroleum jelly yesterday. How often should we give it to her? is there any way we can induce the hairball to come out?
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
Hairballs are very uncommon in dogs. The oils should break the hair ball up and let it pass through her system.
You can try a second dose of the remedies you were using today but you might see some diarrhea.
Usually if the hairball treatments work the mass breaks up and passes out of the stomach to the intestinal tract.
You can also see if a bit of antacid will help her feel better.
An over the counter med you might use would be Pepcid or Tagamet or Zantac.
You can read about dose amounts (and cautions) scrolling down on the pages here
If the coughing keeps up you should see the vet when they are open again as it might sound the same to you but be a different issue.
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