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My dog is licking her private area constantly as if it ...

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My dog is licking her private area constantly as if it were irritated. Could she be having an allergic reaction or is it possible she has a urinary tract infection?

Your girl very possibly has a urinary tract infection that is contributing to her current state.

I would highly recommend she see the veterinarian to rule out a possible urinary tract infection with a urinalysis.

The symptoms of a urinary tract infection include: inappropriate urination, increased frequency of urination, increased thirst, difficulty urinating or squatting in one area for a long time and getting nothing but a drip out, excessive cleaning around the genitals, and blood in the urine. Your dog may also have crystals and or stones in the bladder. Both can cause chronic irritation. Sometimes the crystals are the result of too high or too low pH of the urine. Or they can be a result of infection. Treatment for crystals is to either treat the present infection or change the type of food she eats. There are also oral medications to alter the pH of the urine in the bladder. Your doctor will test the pH when the urinalysis is performed. If your dog has stones in the bladder surgical removal is of the most benefit. Though some choose to try and dissolve the stone slowly with diet changes or medications.

Treatment for a UTI will include antibiotics, possibly pain medication, and even a change of diet if the pH is too high or crystals are present. The sooner she is seen the sooner she will start feeling better. You might even want to consider taking her into the emergency center tomorrow to bring more immediate relief. Urinary tract infection untreated can develop into a more serious kidney infection.

You may want to try and offer her canned foods to increase moisture and even offer her chicken broth straight or mixed with her water to increase her water intake to keep her hydrated and keep flushing that bladder.

It may just be allergies bothering her but a UTI is more serious and should be ruled out first.

Thank you


Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Theresa's Post: The last time I took her to the Vet when she was showing these symptons he said it was an allergic reaction to fleas and perscribed prednizone, but I read that prednizone isn't very good for a dog. Are there any other options if this is an allergic reaction to fleas?

Sure you can treat for fleas using frontline or advantage and give her benedryl at a dose of 1mg per pound three times daily. Please monitor for other symptoms that coincide with a UTI and have a sample taken in if she develops any of them or doesn't improve.

Thank you


Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Theresa's Post: We've used frontline and advantage and none of them seem to work very well especially in the summertime. Is there a special type of benedryl for dogs or is it the same as what humans take?

Yes, fleas this year are a pain. Another option if you are actually seeing fleas is to bath her in dawn or joy dish detergent. Lather and let stand for 15 minutes before rinsing then use an aloe and oatmeal conditioner to soothe her skin. This just to help rid her of fleas if present. Otherwise she will need a medicated shampoo for treatment of the skin condition. The benedryl is the same that we use. You can buy this generic as diphenhydramine. Make sure it is plain benedryl with no decongestants or other medication added.

Thank you


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