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Don, dog owner of multiple dogs /35 year
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Why does my dog eat my house plants then vomit, is there some way to p

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We have a three year old Border Collie, two or three times a week he attacks my wife's plants (large potted ficus & Christmas Catus). He eats the leaves he's broken off, then vomits them back-up.

DearCustomer Thankyou for your question today.

Right now you are experiencing this behavior because he can do this ,they are reachable for him. It's not healthy for him or the plants.

Your dog is throwing up these because at least the Christmas Cactus is poisonous.

It would be really wise to move it out of the way where the dog cannot access it.(perhaps hang it?)

The Fiscus may not digest well for him either.Consider moving that where he cannot access it while you're gone.

Then you will have no more throw up ,the dog is safe and everyone is happy..

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Have a nice weekend.

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