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Hello, my female dog ishumping my male dog. Can you tell me ...

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Hello, my female dog is humping my male dog. Can you tell me if she is going into heat? Or is she mimicking his actions toward her? I have two mini pins. I am trying to breed her before I get her fixed. She has had her first heat cycle in June once she turned a year. I want to breed her asap to get rid of my male dog or get him fixed.

If you are certain she went into heat in June it is unlikely she is in heat now. Dogs usually go into heat at six month intervals, sometimes longer for larger breeds.

Of she is in heat the following will take place:

The typical heat cycle last for three weeks or twenty one days.

The first stage is called the proestrus stage and last from 4 to 9 days. During this time you will see a bloody discharge.

The second stage is called the estrus stage and last from 4 to 13 days. During this stage the discharge will be more yellowish in color. This is the prime time for mating. She will allow any and all males to approach her and will do what is called "flagging". Flagging is moving her tail up and to one side to allow the male to mount her.

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Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Roger Bouvier's Post: She is not doing that flagging thins she is actually trying to hump him like he does her. I would like to know if she is mimicking him.

She could be doing this to show her domination over him.

Dogs humping each other which is not always an indication of sexual activity. I have had two of my females do this and it is mostly an act of domination, showing who is higher in the order of the pack. I have also seen neutered and spayed dogs continue to hump after they have been altered.

Again, if she has had a heat back in June it is unlikely she is in heat again, only two or three months later.

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