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Why does my dog wet my bed

Resolved Question:

I have two dogs and they both started wetting my bed. Now I only allow one dog on the bed while I sleep, but she continued wetting the bed.
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
If she is wetting while asleep it may be due to a problem with incontinence or a bladder infection. Your vet can help you with either of these.
If the dogs do it when you are not there then they may be marking the bed as their property and for that some new rules about where they sleep should help along with some basic obedience training to put you in leader role. You might also find the nothing in life is free program will help
by just putting you back in leader role.
and for positive type obedience classes see if can help you locate a local trainer.
Hope this helps you!
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Nancy Holmes's Post: I should have mentioned that both these dogs are young, a year and one-half, so both are in good health. They have wet the bed when I'm in the bed, and have jumped up on the bed and wet it when I wasn't in the bed. Washing layers of bedding got to be ridiculous so both dogs are not allowed in my bedroom at the moment. My Pomeranian is having a difficult time not being with me, and I have to admit I'd prefer to sleep with her, that's why I want to resolve this problem if possible. I can't think of how to train them to stop this behavior, any hints?
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
Being young doesn't rule out bladder infections but it sounds to me like you have dogs who are maturing and are under the wrong impression as to who is running the house.
Letting them sleep in the bed puts in their minds that they are your equals or superiors. You have to change their understanding of your relationship to get back to where you can allow them on your bed rather than you sleeping in their bed. There may be some competitive marking between the two of them also. They could be urinating to say 'my bed, my person' etc.
You can start with the nothing in life is free program as mentioned above to help you reorient their ideas as to who is in charge.
Good basic obedience training helps with this too and the site listed above can help you find a trainer to work with.
This isn't a case of dogs not being housebroken its a case of them deliberately marking the area in the home that is likely the most highly scented with your odor from you spending your sleep time there. So the problem is changing their perception of who sets the rules rather than fixing any one training problem.
Make sure when you clean also that you use a deodorizing cleaner such as Nature's Miracle, Simple Solution, Odor Mute etc to ensure even a dog's sensitive nose cannot pick up the urine odor from previous markings.
And if you want them back in bed with you with out dampness you can try britches or diapers on them - then only those would get wet. Some people use diapers and cut a tail hole. Some use doggy britches with a human incontinence pad in them to catch the leaks. See britches here
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