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Breeding, Pregnant dogs and colloidal silver

Resolved Question:


How beneficial is it for my pregnant dog to take colloidal silver? Will colloidal silver harm my pregnant dog or the babies she is carrying? We breed Boston Terriers and we've recently been experiencing dogs that have ties end up not getting pregnant, babies dieing, very small litters, sick babies at about 4 weeks old, and things like that. We've ruled out canine herpes and brucelosis with tests. Our vet thinks it's some kind of bacteral infection that's going through our kennel. Yes, we are utd on all vaccines and wormings. We use progard. I've done lots of internet research on colloidal silver and I want to start giving it to the dogs that aren't pregnant and to the dogs that are pregnant if it will be okay. Thank you for you time. Heidi
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
Personally I would not give anything involving heavy metals to my dogs particularly not if I wanted proper fetal development. But as colloidal silver is nothing much more than distilled water (despite all claims to the contrary) it shouldn't do any harm though it is in my opinion a rather pricy kind of water to use for dogs.
For infections Mycoplasma might be the issue
You might do better to disinfect your dog yards, dishes, bedding and housing areas and to double check the food you are feeding to see if the food is providing good enough nutrition. I find you have better litters on higher quality diets.
For yard disinfecting you can use 1 part bleach to 30 parts water and that is safe on most plants and grass too.
High heat can also impact male sperm viability. If the males have been exposed to high heat as so many areas have been you might want to have a vet check their sperm quality.
If the females are overweight that can cause what you are seeing. An overweight male can also have poorer quality sperm.
If you are breeding closely related dogs that can also cause what you are seeing. The term for this is inbreeding depression. You might find an outcross breeding will help resolve some of the issues.
Hope this helps you!
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Nancy Holmes's Post: Well.... there is no inbreeding, we clean everyday and add bleach to our water, we only have one over weight female, both of our males sperm have been tested and they both came back with great results, we do feed a very good quality dog food (canidae)it has been hot here, but we have central air and our dogs are mostly inside. We have 6 inside and 7 outside with inside outside runs with doggie doors and that has an airconditioner, plus we have pools outside for them. All of our dogs seem to be very healthy otherwise!   I have not done any research on mycoplasma. I will though. I will also talk to my vet on Monday about it. How would I treat mycoplasma? About the CS (colloidal silver) I know it costs alot, but we've never cared about what anything costs when it comes to our animals. We have been breeding boston terriers successfully for over 6 years now and then all of a sudden... bam! We don't know what happened. If you could let me know the treatment for this micoplasma that would be great. If you have anymore advice that would be much appreciated. Our website is if you wanted to check it out. You certainly don't have to though. Thanks, Heidi
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
You might want to change the amount of bleach you are using. That can be an issue if you use it everywhere.
Personally while I don't mind paying a lot for something that actually works I do find it objectionable to pay a lot for something that does not work. And so far I've never seen colloidal silver (from the top seller) do anything other than lighten someone's wallet.
You can get a gallon of distilled water for lots less money at most supermarkets.
The site I gave you lists info on treating mycoplasma.
If your dogs are older dogs and you've been skipping heats between breedings it may simply be the female's uterus is no longer capable of supporting fetal tissue as it once was.
Also you might check your water. People I know who have had serious issues in their litters have found, in some cases, that contaminants in the water supply were a culprit. Run off from a farm miles away that got into the water table can be an issue for example.
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