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sedation for a dog using home remedy

Resolved Question:

What home remedy can be used to sedate my dog just enough in order to remove a few porcupine quills? He is a 75lb Alaskan Malamute.
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Tammy F. replied 11 years ago.
There is nothing that you can use at home that will knock him out enough to allow you to do this. How many quills does he have? I might be able to make some suggestions.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Tammy Falkner's Post: He doesn't have too many-about 10 on outside of mouth and whats hardest to get is there are a couple in his mouth under his tongue. He squirms too much to get at it-so I just need something to make him groggy enough not to struggle back.
Expert:  Tammy F. replied 11 years ago.

You can try a little benadryl but it's an antihistamine so it won't knock him out. It may not do anything at all but you can try it. The rate for dogs is 1 mg per lb of dog.

If this does not work, you will want to see your vet for some acepromazine or have the vet remove them himself.

Let me know if you still have questions.!

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