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My puppies are sucking eachother!!

Resolved Question:

hello, I am hand raising a litter of newborn puppies (beagle pups) the mother dog is ill and I am feeding these pups with a bottle and using puppy formula. They all seem ok, but I notice them ALL suckling on each others privates All the time!! I would think that stimulates them to isn't that HARMFUL? Are they drinking this normal??? I make them stop whenever I see it, but I cant be constantly watching, sometimes the sucking noises wake me up at night. Are they doing this for a reason? Will they get sick from this? Please help!
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. Lisa replied 11 years ago.


Thanks for asking your questions on Just Answer. Your beagle puppies are all suckling on eachother because they have strong suckle reflexes. It's normal -- they don't have the mom to nurse on. You are bottle feeding them, but not as much as they'd probably nurse. So, like a pacifier for a baby, they are suckling each other. It can stimulate the puppies to urinate, but they aren't drinking urine. Even if they did, it won't be harmful to them.

The most concerning part about suckling is that they can develop skin infections and sores from the suckling. If you have some who are die-hard sucklers, you may need to separate the puppies in separate crates.

Please let me know if you need more information.

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