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Dog Vomiting Brown Substance

Resolved Question:

I woke up dismorning because of a bad horrible smell and found two large puddles of what looked like to be diarehea, because it was brown and sticky looking, but it had chunks of dog food in it that were still round. Then when i opened my bedroom door my dog ran out and vomited a few times. What she vomited smelled rank but it was a lighter color with no food and each time got yellower. My question is what could possibley be wrong if a dog is vomiting a fecal type substance? In the past few days she has been her normal happy self and i cannot think of anything poisoness she got into or anything that happened to her. Although yesterday she didnt get a full serving of food cause i ran out and have 2 other dogs. But ive never encountered such nastyness she has only vomited yellow stomach acid in the past. Right now she seems to be doing much better because she hasn't vomited again. She has drank a lot of water though and earlier didnt want to eat but now she does. She was panting earlier and breathing hard after the vomiting but now she isn't. I still am worried though because of the type of vomit. Im pretty sure it had to be vomit since it had food in it. So if anyone could give me some causes to this, minor to severe. I can't afford a vet right now but i will if i have to. Should i wait and see how she is for a couple days? Also, one last thing. My dog does have a blatter problem in which she gets estergen for to control the muscles. Because of lack of money she hasn't gotten one in a while. Today is the first day ive noticed her "leaking urine." As shes gotten older shes had more control. Could this possibly be a coincidence that she starts leaking and etc and vomiting? Sorry to write so much, i just want to give as much details as i can.
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
Thanks for the extra details!
Yellow in vomit is usually bile or stomach acids and is pretty normal.
The brown coloration may be more serious as sometimes dark brown almost like coffeegrounds in color vomit indicates a possible bleed into the stomach area and its digested blood you are seeing.
Its possible though that if she was shorted on food yesterday that she filled her stomach with something else such as stool from another dog, dirt, pebbles, or even vegetation any of which could have irritated the stomach lining and triggered vomiting.
It is also possible that the leaking and the vomiting are an indication of a urinary tract infection or a kidney problem.
The water drinking may be due to her thirst from internal bleeding or just to clear her mouth and throat from the bad taste.
If she is not vomiting the water you can try resting her stomach by giving no food or only a bland diet and then talking to your vet tomorrow if she is still sick.
I would suggest trying boiled chicken meat or hamburger with the fat drained off, mixed with really well cooked rice in a ratio of 1/3 meat to 2/3 rice to see if that works. It’s not a balanced diet but OK to use for a few meals while working on controlling digestive upset.
If she vomits the water back up, if you see red blood in the vomit or more dark brown stuff then you might want to consider seeing the vet today. If there is no way you can see an emergency vet then you could see if some over the counter meds might help her today so you can keep her comfortable until seeing your vet tomorrow.
An over the counter med you might use would be Pepcid or Tagamet.
Be sure to tell the vet when you see them if you use either of these.
You can read about dose amounts (and cautions) scrolling down on the pages here
Hope this helps you!
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Nancy Holmes's Post: Hello, You mentioned dark coffee ground texture in vomit, but there wasnt. It was brown but not dark brown like old blood. It was like diareaa. It was very smooth and sticky like mucous. No coffee ground texture at all. And then a few mushy dog food pellets. I wouldnt have thought anything of it if i thought it came out the other end. I feel like its my fault. Infact i hope its my fault and not a serious problem.

Dismorning when i found all this, and she left my room and continued to vomit, she only did like 2 times. Then she drank water before i could stop her and about 5 min later threw up the water and it was very mucousy and clear. ( Very hard to clean up )Since then i put her in her carrier to try to give her time and she hadnt vomited again for hours. So i felt it was safe to let her have her water and then a few hours more later she had some food.

she seems to be doing good now except for the leaking. ( which i will get her perscription renewed for ) She still seems a lil tired but not depressed. She hasnt got her old appitite yet but she does have an appitite. If she continues to be fine im wondering if its ok not to go to the vet.

I wonder if this could just be a bad experience and a fluke based on the factors like low food night before. I know shes much better now but ive had a dog in the past die after i thought she was getting better. ( it ended up being a tumor ) So it makes me feel worried inside her something is bad. shes only 3 and shes a german shepard. Ive just never had this happen before and i never knew it was possible so im pretty confused. I mean what would cause this?
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
If she was still feeling hungry last night she could have eaten some dog poop or something else that gave her case of gastritis.
As she is doing better, drinking and eating OK and holding food down then I'd say she got rid of whatever it was and now feels better. A snack of a dead toad or earthworm can trigger vomiting like this with bacterial infection too just like food poisoning for us.
I'd say if she is doing better see how she is tomorrow morning and then if she is fine I'd expect all is well.
Dogs will eat lots of things they shouldn't and do vomit very easily afterwards so that might be all this is.
If she had access to a dog stool or cat stools somehow before bed last night that could do this.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Nancy Holmes's Post: Thank you for your help. A vet appointment would cost so much compared to this. My dog could have gotten some stool to eat because i also have a 5 month old puppy who goes on a puppy pad in a little box during the night. And dismorning there wasnt any stool on it...But ive never seen my dog eat stool ever. But dogs will be dogs. If she continues to have high spirits and good appitite i will take it as it is. But i am prepared to take her to the vet if needed.

The bladder problem is long term resulting from a messed up spaying. At least thats our theory. We got the dog from a rescue place and she was spayed right b4 we got her. For a long time she hasnt "leaked" even tho the medicine has been out of her system for a very long time. We assumed she got better with age because the vet mentioned its possible for her to have better control as she matured. And today now she is leaking again and she peed on the floor after drinking all that water. But she showed no sign of needing to go. It was only after i said "wanna go outside" she ran to the door and peed. i just didnt know if there was a connection between these to incidents. How can you tell if the dog has an infection Vs. just a bladder control problem. Because like i said shes been off the pills so long and now...finally she leaks? This will be my last question lol. Since ur helping me i thought id ask everything on my mind. Thanks so much.
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
Glad to be of help. Usually with infection you see frequent urination, perhaps some blood or mucus in the urine, sudden urination like the dog goes as if it didn't know it needed to, and extra drinking too.
But you might wait and see if today was an anomoly due to being ill. Vomiting can cause other sphincter valves to let go same as sneezing can.
See how she is tomorrow and then make decisions on seeing a vet or getting more meds.
There is a percentage of dogs that when the ovaries are gone need the extra estrogen to control incontinence. Its not a huge number but its annoying when its your dog!
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