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need my dog to be in labor

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Is there anything I can give my dog to induce labor be sides medication

No, nature has her own timetable & interfering in such matters can cause problems. If your vet anticipates a C-section may be necessary obviously this can be scheduled but the cost of this procedure can well exceed $1000. Sometimes providing some light exercise my help to speed up the process but should be done very cautiously. I would never risk the dog's health by urging excessive exercise.

If you feel your dog is overdue & fear complications I would advise you speak with your vet about this matter.

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Denise's Post: My dogs due date was July 4th we can't afford to take her to the vet. Are you sure there is nothing we can try

Often it's difficult to know exactly when conception occurred so it's entirely possible her actual due date may be still a few days away. The only other thing I could suggest is red raspberry tea. This is often used by some breeders & is reported to make whelping easier but I seriously doubt it will aid in inducing labor. If you're not taking her temp twice a day I would recommend doing that so you'll at least know when labor is imminent. Generally once the temp settles into the 98-99 degree range you can expect labor within 24 hours.

Often if a bitch is having problems delivering an injection of oxytocin is given but this is ONLY done after labor has begun.

I'm including a few links which may help you to know more of what to expect.

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