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is it ok to rub vicks vapor rub on a puppys chest for ...

Customer Question

is it ok to rub vicks vapor rub on a puppys chest for an upper respitory infection?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Don replied 11 years ago.

Hello, Because distemper in it's early stages begins as an upper respiratory infection resembling a cold,including fever of 103-105 degrees (normal for a dog is 100-102.5),loss of appetite,listlessness,and a water discharge from eyes and nose you need to put a call into a vet immediately if these are symptoms your puppy has.

Dogs do not get colds like people do. Within a few days ,the discharge turns yellow and becomes thick and sticky and the pup has a dry cough,and may have diarehha and vomiting.

Within the first two weeks of the the disease,the symptoms fluctuate and can develop into pneumonia and/or neurological signs ,even death.

Herpes virus is another possibility:Herpesvirus Herpes In Puppies And Dogs

It's very important to get your puppy help unless of course you've already taken it for it's shots and a vet has seen the dog.

Vicks won't hurt the dog but won't really help it either and the dog may just lick it off and then you could have a new problem you don't want.

Again,a vet is in order for your pup to survive well.

Hope this helps,let me know if you have any specific questions I've not covered for you.

Otherwise click accept and leave poisitive feedback as I will for you.

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