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my dog ate a whole pack of sugar free gum today do I need ...

Resolved Question:

my dog ate a whole pack of sugar free gum today do I need to worry? What do I do?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. Louis Gotthelf replied 11 years ago.
It will pass right through her. I would not be too concerned.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to dr4pets's Post: I read where Xylotol is like poison to dogs and it can cause liver damage and even death becasue it does something to there blood sugar level? Do you still say he will be fine? Thanks
Expert:  Dr. Louis Gotthelf replied 11 years ago.
I have had many dogs eat chewing gum and in 28 years of practice, I have never seen any problems with gum.

We usually see xylitol problems where the dogs get into sugarless candies that have alot of this type of sweetener. I don't think chewing gum has enough to really cause problems. Xylitol can cause the blood sugar to drop because it makes insulin work better to clear the blood of glucose. In some rare cases, where there is a very large amount of xylitol ingested there can be liver trouble.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to dr4pets's Post: What symptoms should I look for and when should I be concerned? There is Xylitol in the gum, it was the 5th ingredient. Like I said he ate the whole pack of gum and the papers too. Since Tommorow is a holiday I am worried since my vet is closed for the day
Expert:  Dr. Louis Gotthelf replied 11 years ago.
I guess if you had a small dog like a Yorkie and he ate enough gum with xylitol, it may have an effect. Low blood sugar is what we would expect. So if he gets woozy or extremely lethargic, just give him some honey or karo syrup on the gums and it will absorb.
Expert:  replied 11 years ago.
Here is the straight poop on this from the poison control center.

Right now, we have not established a oral mimimum toxic level. IV, doses of 0.2-0.4 g/kg cause hypoylcemia. Xylitol is pretty well absorbed, so I think the oral toxic dose will be about the same.

The gums you need to worry about are the ones that are largely or only sweetened with xylitol. These gums probably contain 1-2 g/piece xylitol so for a 20 lb dog, that if we make all the worst case scenarios, this could mean 1-2 pieces.

Most of the cases we have seen though the dogs tend to eat one or packages so often 10-100 pieces.


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ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center
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