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My Boston Terrier is pregnant..I think, what are the

Customer Question

My Boston Terrier is pregnant..I think, what are the signs of pregnancy? And how do i perpare for it?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
If you saw her tied with a male during her heat cycle then she is very likely pregnant. Plan on pups sometime 58-65 days after that date with 63 days or 9 weeks being about average.
If you don't know if she mated the big problem is the signs of pregnancy are similar to the signs of false pregnancy. You can read about false pregnancy here
Typical early signs would be protrusion of nipples and the vulva remaining larger than usual after heat is over.
You can have the vet do a blood test called a relaxin test or palpate for fetal tissue about 3-4 weeks after breeding.
This site goes over pregnancy and whelping well
However in your breed an x-ray about day 54 to make sure no pups are too large for her to deliver naturally would be a good idea. This breed frequently has to have a c-section for safe puppy delivery. Discuss that with your vet.
Hope this helps you!