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How can I help my small male dog mate to my larger ...

Customer Question

How can I help my small male dog
mate to my larger female?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Denise replied 11 years ago.

What breed and what are their ages?

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Denise's Post: Both are yorkshire terriers, Male is 11 months (1st time) Female 3 years (has had 1 litter in the past.
Expert:  Denise replied 11 years ago.

Provided both dogs have been thoroughly examined & given a health OK by your vet you can assist the male in breeding. Usually when they're "in the mood" there aren't too many things that curtail their enthusiasm so hopefully neither will be too distracted with your help. You may want to look for a small, sturdy platform which may help your male to be in a better position to reach his target. Just be sure it's of a non-skid surface so he feels sure-footed. Since this is his first time it may take some practice. When you've established when her fertile period is imminent (average of day 9 to 14 from onset of estrus period) you should introduce them if you haven't already done so & that should help the anxiety level. You can let him go it alone & see how well he does & then obviously assist if he's unable to accomplish it. Often just holding the bitch still will be sufficient. Of course, every dog is an individual so variances can & do occur. One thing you can try in helping the stud follow through is once he penetrates the bitch, place your palm under the stud's tail, pushing firmly & lifting upward. This lifts the dog's chest onto the bitch and raises the dog's back feet off the floor. He is then held in place for a minute or two while the penis swell, locking him into the bitch. A firm hold on the bitch is important as she may feel some discomfort. When they are both safely tied, the stud may be turned by lifting one rear leg over the bitch. Extreme care should be exercised in this process to prevent any hurt to either. They may remain tied for only a few minutes but more likely 15 to 30 minutes. In any case, wait until the separation occurs naturally, keeping control on both until this happens. If a successful mating occurs I would repeat breeding again in 48 hours. I think it will end up as a "learn as you go" ordeal so if none of this seems to help please let me know what is happening in detail & I'll advise you accordingly. Simply click on the reply button & if need be we can figure out some alternate methods. Of course there is always the artificial insemination route but I seriously doubt that will prove necessary <fingers crossed>.

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