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Category: Dog
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Experience:  30+ yrs dog home vet care & nursing, rescue, behavior&training, responsible show breeding, genetics
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What is the best way to get rid of ant bites on a dog

Customer Question

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Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
If these are fire ant bites you can try rinsing the dog with baking soda and water to reduce the pain from the toxin in the bites. Make sure all ants are off the dog.
Bites you can find you can put neosporin or triple antibiotic ointment on.
Plain Benadryl (not cold capsule type) at a dose of 1mg per pound of dog every 8-12 hours may also help. A 50 pound dog would get two 25mg tablets per dose. A 12 pound dog would get 1/2 a tablet.
And you can use a lidocaine based spray or ointment for pain or discomfort too if the Benadryl isn't enough.
If the dog seems lethargic, has a white tongue where it is usually pink, or other wise is having trouble as with breathing etc see a vet with the dog for stronger treatment.
Hope this helps you!